Data-driven services

A suite of digital, data-driven solutions for a cloud-connected greenhouse

One thing is for sure: the more accurately you can control your greenhouse conditions, the better your crop will grow. Seamlessly connect all aspects of the growing process to manage your crop optimally and efficiently. This is made possible by using data-driven services in a cloud-connected greenhouse.

Priva offers software services that enable you to monitor and manage your greenhouse conditions through a cloud-based solution. The Priva Connected service package is a complete suite of solutions developed to help you achieve complete crop control - anytime, and from any location. Run a smart, cloud-based, and automated greenhouse operation with Priva data-driven services.


Understand how your crop will benefit. 

Discover what the benefits are for you and the crops you grow.

Access comprehensive data, fast

Information about your greenhouse processes, crop conditions, and labor are at your fingertips through an easy to navigate interface.

Make data-based decisions

Base your important growing decisions on precise and accurate data to optimize crop quality and maximize yield via automation.

Operate your growing facility remotely

Manage and monitor your climate, water, lighting and energy at any time, from any location and on any device through your service suite.

Access support and personalized advice

Receive free online support via the Priva Help Center and online personalized advice from our Priva consultants.

Future-proof your business

Your business continuity is ensured through ongoing Priva software updates.

Priva Operator
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Relevant solutions.

Van Egmond
Priva Operator
Manage your climate and operate your site remotely
Tomato plant
Automated control for predictive cultivation
Priva Notification Center
Priva Notification Center
Stay connected to your plants and equipment and respond to incidents – fast.
Customer Stories

Greenhouses with Priva Data-driven services

Find out how others have been able to optimize their greenhouses with some of our solutions.

Lely Hi Res
This is how Weverskade BV makes its Climate Control Insightful with Data
  • Weverskade BV | Property owner of the Lely group
  • 2023
Grower and Priva Consultant
Lugt Lisianthus produces more economically thanks to a combination of Priva software and consultancy
Reference project Stolze & Priva: HilverdaFlorist
V2 221021 Priva Ortolanda RB32205 Bewerkt Highres
How Ortolanda benefits from Priva Operator
  • Ortlanda
  • 2022
Priva Deliflor
Deliflor Chrysanten: from greenhouse automation to indoor farming
  • Deliflor Chrysanten
  • 2022
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News & Insight

The latest developments.

Tomatoes Looye Kwekers HR (3)
Effective Prevention of ToBRFV Spread and Cost Savings in Water and Fertilizer
LED Improvement Center
Smarter lighting and savings with modulating control of LED lighting
Plantonomy Tomato Crop
Field experiences with Plantonomy: Priva's technology for predictable growing
Singapore by day
Equilibrium Capital and Priva join forces
24-hour temperature strategy bg
24-hour temperature strategy makes it easier to achieve cultivation goals
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