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Customer stories: horticulture, buildings and indoor growing

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Category Year
Vanlaere Kdg Foto 4
Karel de Grote Hogeschool: successful HVAC installation
  • Karel De Grote Hogeschool
  • 2020
Bicton Earth
Priva BMS takes control at Bicton EaRTH training academy
  • Bicton EaRTH
  • 2020
Waverly School Entrance
North London school saves 44 tonnes of CO2 with smart building control
  • Waverley School
  • 2020
Pakefield High School students
Suffolk school: sustainable ethos with intelligent building control
  • Pakefield High School
  • 2020
Soft Fruit
Arden Lea Group Preston: reliable irrigation and feeding
  • Arden Lea Group Preston
  • 2020
Osterloh Tgf4 (76)
Erdbeerhof Osterloh's Ulrich Osterloh about internationalisation
  • Erdbeerhof Osterloh
  • 2020
Priva FS Performance Boekesteijn Eggplants HR
Tomato grower Tom Zwinkels positive about Priva FS Performance
  • Fa HGL Zwinkels
  • 2020
Costa Berry minimized guesswork with Moisture Balance Module
  • Costa Berry category
  • 2020
Teun Valstar
Calathea grower Teun Valstar has implemented a new process computer
  • Teun Valstar
  • 2020
Florensis Dinteloord
Florensis: fully up and running multifunctional greenhouse
  • Florensis Dinteloord
  • 2020