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Heritage and historic listed buildings management systems

Building Management
Heritage buildings

Future-proofing the fabric of historic and listed buildings

  • Accurate control of indoor climate in sensitive heritage buildings
  • Central control of plant and electrical services
  • Optimised, energy efficient environments

Protecting the fabric of historic or listed buildings is the ultimate priority for anyone associated with their care and conversation.

And yet, many people are unaware that it is possible to future-proof heritage buildings with the same control-based technologies found in many modern structures.

Building management systems, based on Priva solutions, control and monitor the environment at many of the world’s most famous and precious sites. Our technology will help you to protect and care for your estate through greater control of the HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air conditioning) and electrical services in your buildings.

Managing energy and climate

We work with conservators and heritage professionals to help them manage indoor climates and keep energy consumption under control; thus driving down carbon emissions.

Priva’s control solutions are proven to work in harmony with your heritage building – and not against it. When you or your consulting engineers specify our technology, you can be sure it is proven to meet three essential conservation requirements: It is unobtrusive; non-disruptive; and it is flexible.

Managing intelligence, centrally

These days, temperature, humidity, air-handling, and even lighting at heritage sites can all be controlled and managed centrally and intelligently. Remote access and insightful building performance analysis ensure maximum operational efficiencies and visibility of data. This brings significant benefits to end users as well as internal and external facilities management teams.

Importantly, having a greater insight and control over plant performance and indoor climate data helps to make the whole environment a pleasant (and welcoming) environment for staff, conservators and visitors, too.

Together with our network of approved Priva Partners, we provide specialist technical and engineering support that helps to optimise the internal environment of special spaces.

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Bill Whittaker

Business Development Manager

Bill Whittaker