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Agrotopia: Europe's largest rooftop greenhouse

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Agrotopia is located close to the lively center of Roeselare, the beating heart of West Flanders' vegetable growing industry. This unique research facility of Inagro on the roof of the REO auction house’s box shed is a driving force for the horticulture of the future.

Developing new technologies

Agrotopia is the largest rooftop greenhouse in Europe. With 6000 square meters of cultivation area, there is plenty of room to develop, test and demonstrate new technologies in real life conditions.

Crop Research

The rooftop greenhouse accommodates both leafy and fruiting vegetables. And is entirely cultivated on substrate. In the greenhouse, experiments are carried out with optimum use of space, growing in height, multilayer cultivation, various types of growing gutters and new more sustainable substrates.

In co-creation projects, suppliers, knowledge institutions, governments, growers and technology companies are involved in the crop research. The first processes have already been set up, such as cultivation on water with closely sown crops and vertical farming. In addition, the heat for the greenhouse is supplied by the municipal waste incineration MIROM and by the CHP of the REO auction house.

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Peter Könemann