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Jahrhunderthalle Frankfurt: always an optimal indoor climate

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With its round domed roof and modernist design, the centre sets new standards. – The hall has gained popular nicknames such has "igloo" or "Calimeros egg". The premises currently owned by Deutsche Entertainment AG - DEAG - is one of the leading event locations in the Rhine-Main region, with around 300 major events and approximately one million visitors every year.

The challenge?

An events location at this level of complexity poses a number of challenges when it comes to building technology. Ultimately, an ideal and suitable room climate must be ensured in the long term, no matter how diverse the premises.

Niklas Krieger, technical manager of the Jahrhunderthalle, adds: “Once the large room volumes in question are cooled down or overheated, it won’t be long before the desired air conditioning is restored, but this also involves a high burden on regulating the building technology. - The energy use that results is disrupted by the necessary ‘lightning requirements’, and there is a risk that it will become inefficient”

Our solution?

In order to meet this requirement, a Priva automation system was implemented with Compri HX between 2000 and 2007. As the Compri HX product line is coming to an end, technical manager Niklas Krieger one and a half years ago requested that Priva’s sales area manager responsible for mid-Germany, Christian Engelmann, present him with the Priva Blue ID product successor line.

The result?

An optimal indoor climate for 1 million visitors each year.

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