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Customer stories: horticulture, buildings and indoor growing

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Category Year
Tomatoes Plantonomy
Vertify benefits from more stability and ease of use with Plantonomy™
  • Vertify
  • 2021
Queen Ethelburgas Collegiate
Queen Ethelburga's Collegiate enhances boiler control with Blue ID BMS
  • Queen Ethelburga’s
  • 2021
Severnside Energy Recovery Centre Small
Priva Blue ID BEMS selected for Severnside energy recovery centre
  • SCS Group
  • 2021
Southland Sod Farms: trailblazing the raspberry industry
  • Southland Sod Farms
  • 2021
Agrotopia Roeselare Inagro
Agrotopia: Europe's largest rooftop greenhouse
  • Agrotopia
  • 2021
Marlborough College 2
Marlborough College gets smart with buildings management
  • Marlborough College
  • 2020
Heritage Buildings Chapel External No Roof
Heritage and historic listed buildings management systems
  • Heritage buildings
  • 2020
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Anne Frank House: from reactive to proactive climate management
  • Anne Frank House
  • 2020
Theatre Royal Bath
Theatre Royal Bath achieved 30% carbon reduction
  • Theatre Royal Bath
  • 2020
Priva Blue ID Touchpoint Operate HR (5)
Priva Blue ID BMS halves energy bills at Chafyn Grove School
  • Chafyn Grove School
  • 2020