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Future-proofing Britain’s independent schools: A case study

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Demonstrating to custodians of the UK’s renowned independent schools how their historic and modern buildings can be future-proofed, without disrupting their fabric

Following the success of its 2017 future-proofing initiative for heritage conservators, Priva UK is once again leading the way. This time, for the Independent Schools’ sector, whose bursars or estates directors may be unaware that it is possible to future-proof their historic buildings with the same control-based technologies found in their more modern structures.

One of the world’s leading building controls manufacturers, Priva has published a guide, which includes case studies covering the integration of building and energy management systems at some of the UK’s most famous independent schools. The guide demonstrates how the same technologies can be integrated in both their old and new buildings, for seamless control across their entire estates, while also reducing their overall environmental impact.

Entitled ‘Future-proofing Britain’s Independent Schools', this 20-page book provides an overview of the outcomes and benefits of control technology. It explains in clear language how Priva’s technology – which is in use at sites such as Marlborough College, Cheltenham College and Charterhouse School – is helping independent schools of all shapes and sizes take control of their energy use and deliver site-wide efficiencies.

Commenting on the launch of this new publication, Gavin Holvey, UK & Ireland Sales Manager at Priva UK said:

“Priva is on a mission to help independent schools’ bursars and estates directors optimise the internal environments of special spaces. Working with them we can deliver significant outcomes, without impacting on the fabric of the unique buildings which make up a large part of their estates.

“Our guide to Future-proofing Britain’s Independent Schools will explain how control technology can improve building efficiency, reduce emissions and deliver energy savings of up to 40%, through greater control of heating, ventilating and air-conditioning services. All of this is achieved whilst maintaining a comfortable learning and working environment for pupils, staff and visitors.” 

Sensitive to heritage buildings

Significantly, Priva’s building management solutions are proven to work in harmony with heritage buildings – and not against them. As Gavin Holvey explains, the benefits of using Priva technology are clear:

“Making a long-term choice about future-proofing technologies is one that bursars and estates directors will not take lightly. This is precisely why we have published this guide. It explains how our controls solutions are proven to meet three essential characteristics: It is unobtrusive; non-disruptive; and flexible. This is what gives the independent schools’ sector confidence in our technology.”

Copies available

To request a copy of Priva’s Future-proofing Britain’s Independent Schools book, please contact the UK Sales office on: T +44 (0)1923 813 480 or

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