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Customer stories: horticulture, buildings and indoor growing

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Category Year
Moba 2
MOBA is ready for the future with a complete climate control system
  • MOBA
  • 2021
Noordvliet - CombiVliet
Priva and CombiVliet collaboration video
  • CombiVliet
  • 2021
Priva Uk Book School Bigger Hr Small
Future-proofing Britain’s Independent Schools case study publication
  • Britain’s Independent Schools
  • 2021
Heritage Buildings Aberdeen City Council
New Aberdeen council HQ saves energy with Priva BMS technology
  • Aberdeen city council
  • 2021
Cultural Centre De Werf
Cultural Centre de Werf: energy-efficient automated HVAC system
  • Cultural Centre de Werf
  • 2021
Big Green Egg Ossip
A brand new, super-sustainable office building for Big Green Egg Europe
  • Big Green Egg Europe
  • 2021
Heritage Buildings Westminster Abbey
Westminster Abbey: optimized temperature in historic building
  • Westminster Abbey
  • 2021
St Beuno’S Jesuit Spirituality Centre 1
Priva Blue ID heating control for Jesuit Spirituality Centre St Beuno
  • St Beuno’s Jesuit Spirituality Centre
  • 2021
Peter Boekesteijn
Peter Boekestijn about FS Performance
  • Peter Boekestijn
  • 2021
CAN-Agri shines new light on currently held vertical farming principles
  • CAN-Agri
  • 2021