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Goldbeck praises comfort performance of ecoBuilding

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Goldbeck Group

It is no secret that the Goldbeck Group has cooperated with Priva for many years in the field of building automation. The German building contractor is using and implementing Priva products and services throughout their own buildings and with ongoing projects. One of the reasons for the close cooperation lies in the fact that the product philosophy of both companies harmonizes in many ways: Both Priva and Goldbeck aspire to position themselves as hi-tech industry leaders which is why they strive to develop, test and produce innovative building automation technologies that are easy to use and thereby improve customer satisfaction.

With ecoBuilding, an in-house start-up was founded that has set itself the goal to develop a self-learning software solution that automatically optimizes climate conditions and energy usage in buildings, based on historical and real-time data. 24 hours a day. 7 days a week. Without human intervention.


At the time Goldbeck decided to go forward with ecoBuilding it was still in development, Only the core of the product was fully functional and ready to use at that time. To further optimize the existing functions and bring the best possible solution to the market, the ecoBuilding team has further developed the product and is currently involved in more than 30 projects across Europe.

When Patrick Arnold, automation advisor at Goldbeck, first heard of the possibility to start a ecoBuilding pilot project in Germany, he spontaneously decided that he is interested:

“ecoBuilding fits in particularly well with our product philosophy for office buildings, because we promise high levels of comfort and sustainability, low maintenance costs and energy efficiency to our customers and employees.”

Together with Frank Visscher, ecoBuilding Business Developer, and Frank Hühren, Managing Director of Priva Germany, and it was discussed how a first "pilot project" could look in Germany. During this discussion, it soon became obvious that Goldbeck's new office building, located in Bielefeld would serve as a first implementation site for ecoBuilding.

The colleagues who work in the offices are convinced of the indoor climate and comfort levels, on the other hand, the energy consumption benefits become clear when drawing the comparison to other office buildings.

, Energy Manager, Goldbeck

Patrick Arnold


The implementation phase of the project was supported by Frank Visscher and accompanied by the technical expertize of Holger Rudershausen, Priva Germany.

As part of the implementation, relevant information on the technical equipment - e.g. to the heat generator, to storage tanks, to heat exchangers - and the constellation of the office building - windows, wall surfaces, etc. – were recorded. Moreover, the data on energy and heat flow in the building was collected to create a Sankey diagram. Finally, a cloud connector was installed in the Bielefeld office building and connected to the xml control points of the building automation system.

After that ecoBuilding was ready to be launched: the control signals from the building are now directed to the cloud and processed there. Among other things considering the control signals, weather forecasts, data on the expected use of building, the desired climate comfort, etc., the software creates system control scenarios. On the basis of these scenarios, ecoBuilding subsequently ensures the continuously optimized economic heat generation and distribution in the building.

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The ecoBuilding pilot was installed just five months ago. A final performance assessment can therefore not yet be made until more consumption data has been collected. But automation specialist Patrick Arnold already sees convincing results.

"On one hand, the colleagues who work in the offices are convinced of the indoor climate and comfort levels, on the other hand, the energy consumption benefits become clear when drawing the comparison to other office buildings. The operating hours of the central heat generation have been reduced and the switching times are comparatively low. "

In a direct comparison with similar office buildings, he observed that office rooms with common temperature regulators are often overheated:

“I believe this is caused by a lack of consideration for loads, such as heat emission per tenant and device. However, with ecoBuilding the temperature is just right – meaning that a perfect indoor climate is assured."