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La Butte aux Bois: Comfort for guests with climate control

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La Butte aux Bois

The 12-hectare estate La Butte aux Bois is situated on the edge of the woodlands of Hoge Kempen National Park. A 10 million investment in 20 new hotel rooms, an innovative upgrade for the Wellness Center Aquamarine and a new reception area is raising the level once again. Further improving the quality of the guest experience is therefore our top priority.

La Butte Aux Bois

Perfect control of the HVAC installation

La Butte aux Bois called on various Limburg-based companies. Priva partner Palmers Building Control Systems was responsible for the installation of the Priva Blue ID & Comfort CX, TC Manager and TC Manager Connect. The end user can perfectly control the building management system via their web browser. So, not only is the infrastructure modernised, but also the HVAC installation.

Individual comfort control during the Wellness

Thanks to the Comforte CX, the individual climate wishes of the guests become reality. This compact, multifunctional post-control unit personalises climate control. The guest is therefore key, which was our focus throughout the project. In addition, the swimming pool technology was integrated via BACnet/IP and via the Priva Blue ID IO points.

Excellent collaboration with different parties

This project was completed successfully due to the excellent and efficient collaboration between the different parties. The building management system of Mitsubishi Controls only uses very efficient Priva solutions. The Mitsubishi connection for all areas was combined with the Priva Comset CX or own Mitsubishi operation via BACnet. This makes PRIVA an open and flex system for complex connections.

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Bill Whittaker

Business Development Manager

Bill Whittaker