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Elevating leisure experiences - Priva's customer success stories.

At Priva, we enhance leisure experiences through transformative building solutions. From optimizing indoor climate control to creating sustainable resorts, our expertise sets new standards. Join us as we explore inspiring customer stories, shaping the future of leisure with technology, innovation, and unparalleled comfort.

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Category Year
Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Atrium
Hilton Hotels: always a comfortable temperature in your room
  • Hilton Schiphol
  • 2022
National Military Museum Outside
National Military Museum: A real tour de force!
  • National Military Museum
  • 2021
La Butte Aux Bois
La Butte aux Bois: Comfort for guests with climate control
  • La Butte aux Bois
  • 2021
Kunstmuseum Basel | New Building | Photo: Julian Salinas
Basel Museum: Value preservation with optimal indoor climate
  • Kunstmuseum Basel
  • 2021
Theatre Royal Bath
Theatre Royal Bath achieved 30% carbon reduction
  • Theatre Royal Bath
  • 2020
Marwell Zoo Tropical House
How Marwell Zoo benefits from modern BMS control technology
  • Marwell Zoo
  • 2020
Building Jahrhunderthalle
Jahrhunderthalle Frankfurt: always an optimal indoor climate
  • Jahrhunderthalle
  • 2020
Emily Bront 6 Pressebild 31830 Small
MPS Emily Brontë: Remote management for European sailing
  • MPS Emily Brontë
  • 2017
Thialf’s new ice rink: sustainable, fast and ‘super-tight’
  • Thialf
  • 2016

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