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If operational efficiency is a priority for your organization, it makes strong commercial sense to look for easier, more efficient ways to manage your building functions. With so much data available, you can harness its power to help you make timely, business-critical decisions to improve your workflows – and your bottom line.

A digital transformation – centered around cloud-based building management - is the cornerstone of operational efficiency. Making the move to the cloud can be the most commercially astute investment you can make right now. Wherever you are on the digital journey, our suite of digital building technologies can help. Our portfolio of solutions that takes advantage of the flexibility and scalability of the cloud. The benefit to you, is an assurance that your estate is easier to manage and operate, more responsive – and more resilient to the future too.

Statistics to inspire your retrofit journey

of global CO2 emissions relates to operational energy use (1)
million forecasted number of connected buildings in the world by 2026 - in millions (2)
billion m2 (approx.) of buildings currently exist in the world - in billion m2 (3)
bollion m2 (approx.) new builds erected every year, (equivalent to a city the size of Paris being constructed every single week!) - in billion m2 (4)



(3) Global ABC/IEA/UNEP (2017), Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction: 2017 Global Report for Buildings and Construction. Retrieved from https://www. UNEP%20188_GABC_en%20 %28web%29.pdf.

(4) Global ABC/IEA/UNEP (2017), Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction: 2017 Global Report for Buildings and Construction. Retrieved from https://www. UNEP%20188_GABC_en%20 %28web%29.pdf.

Customer Stories

Client stories on operational efficiency.

Find out how others have been able to optimize their buildings with some of our solutions.

National Centre For Writing Bms Upgrade Norwich
Priva BMS helps preserve historic HQ of National Centre for Writing
  • National Centre for Writing
  • 2022
The Rotterdam 1
De Rotterdam: incredible integrated building automation
  • The Rotterdam
  • 2022
Hilton Amsterdam Airport Schiphol Atrium
Hilton Hotels: always a comfortable temperature in your room
  • Hilton Schiphol
  • 2022
International School Of Amsterdam
The International School of Amsterdam Manages HVAC with Priva technology
  • The International School of Amsterdam
  • 2022
Infinity: one of Europe's most sustainable office buildings
  • Encon
  • 2022
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Notification Center graphs and tablet
Priva Notification Center
Always have insight into issues that are important to your business operations
Priva Remote Commissioning
Priva Remote Commissioning
4G Connectivity
Priva Connectivity Pack
Always connected to the most suitable network
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