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What is the cloud and how does it work? Priva explains...

While most people use software or services based on the cloud, it is not always clear what 'the cloud' really means.
22 September 2022

You may not always realize it, but chances are you use the cloud on a daily basis.

Your e-mails, movies on Netflix and even the information on your mobile phone, is all stored in the cloud. Although the term "cloud" appears in our daily lives, we understand that it is an abstract concept. We are happy to explain what it is and how it can benefit you.

What is the cloud?

The cloud is a collective term for 'storing and retrieving files online'. The online environment, the cloud, is like a digital safe. Your software, data and files are always stored somewhere. If you are not using the cloud, your data is often stored on your computer or on a local server. Those are all tangible storage spaces on your device. If you use the cloud, things are slightly different. Cloud storage is not visible to you. The storage takes place via your internet connection and is located in giant halls. These halls contain a large number of computers with a gigantic storage capacity. These are professionally managed and highly secure. You can compare it to your savings. You can keep it at home under your mattress or store it safely in your bank account.

Always and everywhere

A cloud thus replaces the function of a local server or computer. For example, you have now installed certain software on your laptop. Think of an administrative package or drawing program. Word and Excel files are also stored locally on your laptop. In that case, you are always tied to that particular laptop. You can only access the file or your administration program if you are sitting behind your laptop.

If you store your data and documents in the cloud, you are not dependent on a single workplace, you are no longer dependent on one workplace. From that moment on you can always access your data. From anywhere, at any time, and even from any device. If you log in to the cloud, you can also open the files on your mobile.

The cloud, a new way of working

Priva makes this way of working available via Priva Connected. When using the cloud, you will be able to access your data at anytime and anyplace. By storing your data in the cloud, you can be flexible with the way you manage the greenhouse. You are no longer tied to the computer in your office, but you can check on your crops from everywhere. Walk into your greenhouse and see the need to adjust something? Use your phone to log in easily and adjust the data while standing next to the plant. Would you like to check anything from home? No problem!

Anyone who has permission can access the data. Simple, easy and safe. Data in the Priva Cloud is well secured. To secure the security of our products and services, Priva has taken organizational and technical measures. We have a certified Integrated Management System which implements ISO27001 (Information Security) and 9001 (Quality Management), which ensures our security is state of the industry.

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