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Priva Touchpoint One

One building with many different rooms. How can you control each one of them separately? That’s simple: with the Priva Touchpoint One, an elegant control device developed especially for offices, hotels and schools. Depending on the type, you can control heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting, and the sunblinds per room. This way, building users will always feel right at ease, no matter in what room they are.

Priva | Touchpoint One Hotel
  • Fully integrated

    Integration of lighting, heating/cooling, ventilation and sunblinds into one operation solution

  • Minimalistic and modern design

    Suitable for any space with customizable accents

  • Comfort measurement

    Comfort settings can be measured and automatically adjusted

  • Energy savings

    With the room and humidity temperature sensor

Control each room separately

Users can switch on and control their own heating or cooling. And depending on the type of Priva Touchpoint One it is possible to control sunblinds and lighting or even measure humidity and CO2. For hotels, we have integrated “Do Not Disturb” and “Make up Room” request buttons into the Touchpoint One.

Minimalistic and modern design

In black or white with a custom color back shell, the control unit is suitable for any space. Because of the dead-front technique, the screen will switch off into stand-by modus, blending into the background when not in use. And thanks to the motion sensor, the screen can be activated with a single movement.

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Priva | Touchpoint One Hotel


Whether your guests have been travelling all day, are working away from home or enjoying a vacation, when they get to their hotel room they want to feel comfortable and at home. The inviting user interface of the Priva Touchpoint One Hotel makes sure your guests will feel right at ease, because they can arrange the comfort in the room themselves. The integrated request buttons for “Make up Room” and” Do not Disturb” are tailored specifically to the Hospitality Industry and make it possible to display the status of each room centrally, allowing you to optimize the scheduling of the cleaning staff. Download our leaflet for more information about the Touchpoint One Hotel.


You want to offer your employees the same comfort of their own home in the office? Priva Touchpoint One enables you to do so. Besides offering comfort, you want to maximize the productivity of your people. This is possible, because you can choose for an integrated CO2 sensor. The climate will then be controlled based on the measured CO2 concentration. Now you have maximum cost efficiency because no extra sensor is needed. The result: a clean and spacious look with as few cables as possible.

Priva Touchpoint One white with CO2 sensor


Healthy classrooms make children feel more comfortable. And children who feel comfortable, perform better and experience less stress. A crucial factor in the quality of the indoor climate is the carbon dioxide level. With the CO2 sensor in the Touchpoint One, you can control the climate, based on the measured CO2 concentration. The result? A healthy learning environment in which children can learn and bloom.

Office | Big Green Egg alt="Office | Big Green Egg">

I think it’s excellent that each room can be controlled separately and that each room is also regulated on CO2. I don’t want the staff losing all their energy during a meeting, so an optimal climate is essential.

Owner Big Green Egg Europe Wessel Buddingh

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  • Optimal user experience

    An intuitive user interface to make anyone feel right at ease

  • Priva icon wake up display

    Wake up display

    The device activates when the user approaches

  • Contact Priva

    Clear user feedback on display

    Specific user feedback with internationally known icons

  • Operational excellence

    The device can be integrated with different Management Systems

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