Priva Indoor Growing

Integrating the best of both worlds

Sustainable water management and optimal control for precision growing

Growing plants indoors, in a fully controlled and clean environment. In a natural way, without pesticides and with the smallest amount of water. That is what indoor growing is all about: growing indoors without daylight and climate influences.

With indoor growing, you can produce year-round, close to cities and with minimal transportation and waste. At Priva, we truly believe that this growing method will play a fundamental role in solving many environmental problems we are facing today and in the future.

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  • Integrated controls

    Ensure a stable indoor climate for your crops

  • Precision growing

    By integrating all aspects of the control system, the automation anticipates on all variables that impact the crop, regardless of your location in the world

  • Sustainable growth and optimal results

    By efficiently using water and fertilizers

  • Over 60 years of experience

    We have 60 years of experience in horticulture and over 30 years in building automation. This unique combination makes us the perfect partner for indoor growing projects

Towards a sustainable food system

Food production is pushed further and further away from the consumer, resulting in an inefficient and unsustainable food system. We are too much dependent on the import and export of fresh produce. Can you even imagine what could happen if the supply of fresh food is disrupted for an extended period of time?

As crops are transported across the entire globe, its freshness and nutritional value tends to deteriorate considerably and a lot of produce often goes to waste. Controlled Environment Agriculture, such as indoor growing and growing in greenhouses, is a step closer to a sustainable food system; one in which it is possible to grow locally produced, fresh food all year round, regardless of the weather and external conditions.

We believe indoor growing will play a fundamental role in feeding the cities of tomorrow. Watch the video to learn how.

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The perfect combination of knowledge

At Priva, we believe that growing indoors without daylight and climate influences can no longer be ignored when looking at solutions to feed the growing world population. That is why we adopted the market at an early stage. For more than 60 years, we have been investing in horticulture and building automation knowledge.. Combining these two worlds, enables us to create the perfect circumstances for growing plants in an indoor facility today. It is for this unique combination of knowledge that key players like Agritecture, 80 Acres Farms and Coneco are collaborating with us to further develop the indoor growing industry.

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Priva has been the undisputed global leader in controls and air treatment systems that are so critical to indoor growing.

CEO 80 Acres Mike Zelkind

Precision controls for indoor growing

Priva offers a broad range of horticultural & building automation solutions for the integrated monitoring and control of any indoor growing facility. Our extended range of precision controls for lighting, irrigation and climate allows you to control all equipment related to high-end indoor growing facilities, including water systems, HVAC and proprietary lighting.

Our cloud-based user interface controls all these processes and gives you access to an additional digital services and applications, such as Priva Alarms, Access Control and new digital services for crop optimization like Plantonomy and Grower Intelligence.

We also offer a wide range of water solutions. The Priva Nutri-Line fertilizer dozing systems offer the right solution for precision fertigation, while our Vialux UV disinfection systems guarantee safe and efficient use of (drain)water.

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