Priva Connext: the most advanced greenhouse climate computer

The most advanced process computer for perfect cultivation and maximum yield

Whatever crops you grow, having an influence over and an insight into the processes involved in your business is paramount to the business itself, and the crops. To guarantee success and create continuity, it is important to provide the ideal growing conditions for your crop. The Priva Connext process computer allows you to connect and manage all of your processes, now and in the future. The result: perfect cultivation and maximum yield.

A reliable system

Maximum yield and production compared to an optimum quality of your crop; that is what you are trying to achieve. At the same time, you want to keep your production costs low. With Priva Connext, you have one system to manage all your systems and installations that are relevant in cultivation; whether it concerns climate control, water management or your shading screens. Linking all your systems and controls is incredibly easy, reliable and stable.

Completely self-managing

Priva Connext is completely self-managing and is operational 24/7. With the user-friendly operating programs, you will have clear insight into all the current growing processes at a glance. The programs offer you every possibility for optimizing your crop and climate. Priva Office Direct is the comprehensive software application that allows you to manage and analyze all the controls and settings of your automated greenhouse in detail. Priva Connext Operator is the web application for a tablet or smartphone. This provides you with insight into your processes and enables you to make the most essential changes to your systems, always and everywhere.

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Ensure your business continuity

Always have up-to-date Priva software to ensure the performance and security of your systems

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