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Priva knows what it takes to grow the best possible crop. For horticulture, Priva offers solutions for greenhouse management, climate control, water treatment and fertilization, as well as labor and crop registration.

The challenges the urbanizing world is facing force us to think of improved methods for the production of fresh, safe and healthy food in a sustainable way. To safeguard food production, more and more controlled environment horticulture is needed. This is the core of what we do at Priva: we make it easy for entrepreneurs to grow a profitable crop, in a sustainable manner, while coping with the global challenges. We do that by offering a total, integrated solution consisting of hardware, software and services to control and manage any horticultural operation, anywhere in the world. This enables entrepreneurs to take conscious and solid decisions about their most important resources: water, labor and energy.
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Accurate greenhouse control

Grow a profitable crop with less effort

Letting growers achieve the optimal crop growth is what we do at Priva. We understand that the better processes are handled, the more the crop, the greenhouse and the business can benefit. That understanding, combined with 60 years of experience, is coming together in our automation systems. We offer a total solution, one that really links all processes and systems in horticultural businesses, allowing growers to accurately control their greenhouse facility.

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Smart (re)use of water

Handle available sweet water resources in a smarter way

Fresh water is the most important prerequisite for growing food, but also one of the scarcest natural resources we have. It is predicted that by 2025, most countries of Africa and West Asia will face severe water scarcity due to increasing population and demand for water. The key to these challenges is smart (re)use of water: secure use of water and reducing & recycling wastewater. We enable our customers to optimally control their water flows and to recirculate it safely.

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Efficient labor

Helping to achieve greater labor efficiency

For horticultural companies, labor is a huge cost item, but also a very important asset. The availability of labor is getting more and more limited and thus challenging. Today, it is already hard to find enough skilled people for the crop work, and in several parts of the world the wages are increasing rapidly. At Priva, we help horticultural companies to achieve greater labor efficiency. We do that by providing solutions to reduce the amount of labor per hectare and where possible, automating the processes within the horticultural business. We even go as far as robotization, with our Kompano deleafing robot.

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Priva Kompano
Priva | Sustainable energy use

Sustainable energy use

Creating ways to minimize energy consumption

Energy is today’s biggest challenge. It is one of the largest cost items in protected crops. Retailers and governments are setting new standards for sustainable production. Technology has come a long way with regards to energy efficiency, but the interests of the old economy stand in the way of new business models. As a result, we depend too much on fossil fuels, causing pollution and exhaustion of the earth’s resources. While the energy transition is picking up speed, we can already provide smart technology to manage the grower’s energy sources in a more efficient way, including sustainable energy sources like geothermal, solar and biomass energy.

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