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Priva Horticulture Innovation Lab

At Phil - short for Priva Horticulture Innovation Lab -  we develop new digital services in addition to our hardware solutions, such as our climate computers and water systems. Phil's aim is to support you as a grower in achieving better results, based on the data from your greenhouse.

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What does Phil do exactly?

As a grower, you want answers to your questions. Collecting data is one thing, but turning that into useful knowledge for you as a grower is much more important. With Phil, we give you tools to make better use of all the data from your greenhouse and thereby improve the climate, water quality, water consumption and energy efficiency.

Our focus with Phil

Meiny Prins: "With Phil, we can develop new ideas faster by working closely with our customers. This allows us to test things quickly and gain more knowledge about what the customer thinks is valuable. At the moment we're focusing on autonomous climate control, crop level analysis/reporting, as well as data-based insights".


You can bring anything to the cloud and call it a service, but if it doesn't add any value, it is not worth the bandwidth.

CEO Priva - Meiny Prins

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FAQ Phil

  • Why Phil?

    Phil enables us to quickly test and market new digital services for growers. By launching new services within a Beta environment, we can test the waters and get a better idea of what the customer thinks is valuable.
  • Is Phil a division of Priva?

    Phil is the Priva Horticulture Innovation Lab, which is fully funded by, and located within Priva. Phil has a dedicated team, as well as drawing upon Priva's resources as/when needed. For example, all Digital Services are running upon Priva's cloud infrastructure, adding reliability and security to its products and services.

  • What is Phil working on at the moment?

    Today Phil is developing three digital services that help growers get better insight into their crop and better results from it as well: Plantonomy Intelligence Dashboards and Crop Cycle Manager. In addition, Phil is working on integrating third-party technology and services, building new software services with cutting edge data science techniques; and refining our customer experience by holding regular 'design sprints' where we receive live feedback from our customers who test our newest product features.

  • What is Plantonomy?

    Plantonomy is one of the digital services/products Phil is working on. It provides remote control for high-tech greenhouses. It helps the grower to improve production and quality and to increase his span of control. Plantonomy will not replace the grower. It is a tool to help the grower by controlling his production and quality.
  • What is Intelligence Dashboard?

    Intelligence Dashboards provides a wide appeal for any kind of Priva customer, allowing the grower to slice and dice into any data point he wants to look at and create custom data features based on this information. We’re offering this information in an easy to read and use dashboard. 

  • What is Crop Cycle Manager?

    This service helps growers to have all the information in one place: labor data, recipes, lighting control. It not only shows growers how they are doing today, but also helps them with future cultivation challenges.
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