What we do

Priva is where people live and work and where food and flowers are being grown. We develop and produce innovative solutions for sustainable climate control and process management in horticulture, the built environment and indoor growing facilities. Our products and services are applied in all kinds of facilities such as (tunnel) greenhouses, urban farming and indoor growing environments, offices, public buildings, retail, hotels, healthcare, and museums.

Creating a climate for growth

Our dedicated solutions are scalable and help our customers to obtain a more profitable business with a lower use of fossil energy and scarce natural resources like fresh water. That’s what we call creating a climate for growth.

"If we handle our natural resources in a smarter way, there will be enough for everyone, without us exhausting Mother Earth."

Priva was established in 1959 in Westland and started with importing hot-air heaters for greenhouse horticulture. Nowadays, we have grown to become a global company with sites and training centers all over the world, from China to Canada and from Mexico to Scandinavia. With a Product & Business Development department of more than 120 colleagues, we are not only constantly working on developing innovative solutions for our customers, but also on improving our existing hardware, software and services. Together with our international network of partners, we are represented in more than 100 countries. This means we are close to our customers, in the same time zone: we know the business, and we speak the language. And that, of course, makes everything easier!

Priva horticulture | Cucumber irrigation


In horticulture, we provide a total, integrated solution to control and manage any horticultural operation, anywhere in the world. With every step we take with our customers, the starting point is greater efficiency per square meter with less energy consumption and a maximum reuse of water.

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Priva | Remote Management

Building Automation

In the built environment, our systems create a comfortable living environment in buildings that make people feel better and that use significantly less energy. Our solutions result in comfortable buildings, happier people, higher revenues and a smaller carbon footprint.

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Priva Indoor Growing

Indoor Growing

For more than 60 years, we have invested in horticulture and building knowledge. Combining these fields of expertise has made us world market leader in developing sustainable technologies for growing in a completely closed environment, without daylight and outside climate influences.

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Priva | Want to be part of our mission?

We have an important mission to fulfill

It is our mission to contribute to a sustainable world where a growing world population can live a healthy and comfortable life. With our vision on how we should deal with food production and the growing world population, we believe we can really make the change and create a better world. Of course, we can't do it alone. Want to be part of our mission and create a climate for growth together?

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Priva Academy

Innovations and developments are going faster and faster. Naturally, capturing and sharing knowledge is getting even more important. We have to pass on our knowledge to contribute to a sustainable future. That’s why we have developed the Priva Academy: an online education service which offers employees, customers, partners and schools the possibility to learn more about the different aspects within the horticulture, building automation and indoor growing domain. The Priva Academy contributes to our mission. By sharing knowledge as efficiently as possible, we can help reduce CO2 emissions and save on overhead costs, for both our customers and ourselves. This way, we create a climate for growth for everyone.