Smart microgrid

ecoGrid is a cloud-based smart micro-grid solution. It enables fully-automated balancing of energy consumption, demand and storage by optimizing the flows between the connected energy elements.

It makes buildings with renewable energy sources even more self-sufficient and ready to connect to the grids at a local level.

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Smart energy flows

ecoGrid continuously optimizes the energy flows in your micro-grid. It pulls together data on flexible energy tariffs, predicted energy demand and supply, available energy storage and the weather forecast to direct and steer energy flows. This results in a balanced system where congestion is avoided and users benefit from the lowest possible energy costs.

Reliable decision-making

ecoGrid provides reliable, data-driven insights that help to inform decision making. By simulating changes in the configuration of your microgrid, it is possible to see the impacts that can be made to energy consumption, costs or carbon footprint.

C02 reduction

ecoGrid helps to decarbonize the wider energy system by providing optimum system flexibility through a combination of energy controls, storage and demand response.

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Preparing for the energy transition

Electrical energy - unlike natural gas and oil - cannot be stored easily, so consumption and generation must be kept in perfect balance. This becomes more challenging as we increase our reliance on unpredictable local sources of generation, such as solar panels and wind turbines. ecoGrid provides a smart, flexible way to ensure energy supply and demand are equalized.

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