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How AI technology can help balance your energy supply

The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) technology into building management systems (BMS) is becoming a crucial tool in achieving a balanced energy supply.
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21 February 2024

As the world faces the challenge of climate change and the need for more sustainable buildings, AI powered BMS systems offer an accessible and cost-effective way to manage energy consumption.

This blog explores how Priva ecoBuilding, a BMS powered by AI technology, can optimize your building’s energy usage; reducing its operational carbon footprint by around 40% and saving you at least 20% in energy costs. 

Decarbonizing your building: Good for business and for the environment 

According to the World Green Building Council, buildings are responsible for 39% of global energy related carbon emissions: 28% from operational emissions, from energy needed to heat, cool and power them, and the remaining 11% from materials and construction.

Accelerating decarbonization in the built environment is essential for a sustainable future, and to reach the UK and Europe’s goal of net zero by 2050. Regulations to help deliver net zero are tightening. Landlords and building owners are increasingly under pressure from tenants, and their wider supply chain, to demonstrate a more sustainable approach to energy procurement and management. 

But how can you balance your energy supply to deliver carbon emission savings in a cost-effective and stress-free way? This is where an AI powered BMS like Priva ecoBuilding comes into play.

The smart and cost-effective energy management solution 

Priva ecoBuilding acts as a self-steering tool for optimizing energy efficiency and reducing resource consumption. In essence, it is an intelligent layer of cloud-based software that sits on top of your existing building management system. The software creates a ‘digital twin’ of your building which it uses to calculate exactly how much energy is needed to get a room to a certain temperature. It then sends exactly that power to the installation.

Here are just three of the way in which Priva ecoBuilding can deliver significant energy efficiency gains, helping to reduce your costs - as well as saving valuable labor time:

  1. Real-time monitoring and control 
    One of the key advantages of Priva ecoBuilding is the ability to monitor and control various building systems in real time. AI algorithms continuously analyze data from sensors and devices throughout the building, adjusting heating, ventilation, air conditioning (HVAC), lighting, and other systems to maintain optimal energy efficiency. This dynamic control ensures that energy supply aligns with actual demand, reducing waste and promoting a more balanced and sustainable energy usage profile.
  2. Demand response optimization
    By intelligently managing loads during peak demand periods, Priva ecoBuilding helps your building to avoid peak energy prices. This has the added benefit of stabilizing the energy grid, contributing to overall grid reliability and energy stability, which can often earn financial incentives for participating buildings.
  3. Energy storage integration
    Priva ecoBuilding can enhance the effectiveness of your energy storage solutions. By analyzing patterns of energy consumption and production, its AI software optimizes the charging and discharging cycles of energy storage systems. This ensures that energy is stored when supply exceeds demand and released when demand surpasses supply, contributing to a more balanced and reliable energy ecosystem in your building.


Priva ecoBuilding: A guaranteed return on investment 

AI powered building management systems deliver quantifiable savings in terms of carbon emissions saved, and a reduction in energy costs, as well as labor savings. For example, Priva ecoBuilding delivered a saving of almost 40% on natural gas consumption in a pilot project at the Avans University of Applied Sciences (Avans Hogeschool) in the Netherlands. 

The cost of implementing Priva ecoBuilding depends on your building, your energy sources, and your situation. However, the return on investment is always less than two years. We also offer an extra level of confidence with a guarantee on savings. 

Of course, in addition to Priva ecoBuilding optimizing your energy usage, saving you money, and adding to your environmental credentials, this is a BMS that ultimately helps to foster a more sustainable future for everyone. 

Interested in saving time, money, and CO2, while also boosting your building’s comfort levels? Contact us today for a free Priva ecoBuilding consultation.

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