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The power of ecoBuilding: Results from pilot installations

Building Automation
19 January 2022

At Priva Lab for Innovation we are contributing towards a more sustainable future by developing and implementing ecoBuilding. ecoBuilding improves comfort conditions in buildings at the same time as saving CO2 emissions.

ecoBuilding is a strategic layer sitting on top of the installed Building Automation and it combines Live data, an AI model and a Digital Twin of the building and its HVAC installation.

ecoBuilding is continuously evolving and becoming more powerful, for example in the last year we have added new analyses based on the work by our data scientists.


After several years developing the powerful solution, in 2021 we demonstrated what contribution ecoBuilding can make, both comfort wise and with regards to savings energy. Furthermore, we are pleased our customers are wishing to continue using ecoBuilding after completing a successful pilot period.

In Denmark and Sweden, we have converted a handful of pilot installations to commercial continuations and in addition there are new project orders based on commercial terms currently being implemented.

Interestingly most of the ecoBuilding projects in Scandinavia are for installations with a 3rd party BMS, not a Priva BMS. Of course, many projects to-date are interfacing with a Priva BMS but by proving the performance of ecoBuilding with other BMS manufactures, it shows that most buildings can benefit from the solution independent of installed BMS. In Scandinavia and the UK ecoBuilding provides a strategic layer on top of Building Automation installations based on solutions from Fidelix, Trend, Honeywell, Siemens and Schneider Electric.

The first ecoBuilding project in Sweden reports an excellent energy performance with significant savings. At Igelsta Skolan, in Södertälje which is located just south of Stockholm, ecoBuilding has optimised the school’s HVAC system since the third week of January 2021 after its implementation in Q4 in 2020.

district heating

Large savings of both District Heating and Electricity have been achieved for the period 1 January to 30 November 2021. When comparing the District Heating for the same period the previous year and compensating for the number of degree days, it shows a saving of more than 41% or if not considering the colder outside conditions in 2021 compared with 2020 and only studying the actual number of kWh used, savings of 36% has been recorded. In the graph the red space indicates the actual energy used and the green the saving compared to expected 2021 usage.


The saving of electricity is over 18% measuring all the electricity used in the school. It is clear to see though from the graph that much of the savings coincide with unoccupied times when ecoBuilding has ensured that the AHUs have been turned off.