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This is how we guarantee the security of the Priva cloud

22 October 2021

What does ‘store in the cloud’ mean?

Store in the cloud’ is a service model in which data is transmitted and stored on remote servers, rather than being stored on a local drive or server. Data stored in the cloud is maintained, managed and backed up centrally. You can compare this to the money in a bank account. You can choose to keep it at home underneath your mattress or store it safely in your bank account. Priva guarantees that your cultivation data is stored securely and gives you access at all times. You retain full ownership of the data stored in the Priva Cloud via the Priva Gateway.

How safe is the cloud?

Developing secure cloud services is a challenging activity that requires a secure and stable cloud platform. That’s why our apps are built upon Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform. We chose Azure because of the extensive security measures that Microsoft has taken and the standard components that they provide.

By leaving the data center and (physical) infrastructure security to the experts at Microsoft, Priva can focus on developing secure, high-value cloud services built on the Microsoft Azure platform. During the development and operation of cloud services, we adhere to secure design principles and best practices (e.g. least privilege and defense in depth). Our cloud and security architects work closely together with the development teams to ensure all cloud services are secure by design.

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Priva Cloud Security

How does Priva protect the data?

At Priva, we aim to live up to the trust you and our other customers place in us by using our products and services. We are committed to preventing unauthorized access to, disclosure or otherwise undesired use of greenhouse-related and personal data. Therefore, we only process your data when we are permitted to do so by you. Priva has taken organizational and technical measures in order to protect our products and services against the risks inherent in online data transfer and the processing of your data. we have a certified Integrated Management System which implements ISO27001 (Information Security) and 9001 (Quality Management), which ensures our security is state of the industry. Of course, Priva also abides by the regulatory requirements concerning the confidentiality of personal data that we process according to the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).

Once I connect, what greenhouse data will be stored in the Priva cloud?

As soon as you have installed a gateway and your production facility is cloud connected, the greenhouse data from your Connext, Compact CC or Compass process computer will be stored in the Priva cloud. Your data is only accessible to authorized accounts and services.

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Peter Könemann

Manager Sales Horticulture Europe

Peter Könemann