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Modular LED lighting control and energy management

Controlling LED lighting modularly and linking it to your electricity management. Is that possible?
Priva Connext
Greenhouse Automation
25 October 2022

Yes, it is possible. With the new version of the Connext software which will be available in December, modulating control of LED grow lights is possible and can be linked to your electricity management. Because LED lighting is energy efficient, many growers are currently switching partially or completely from HPS to LED lighting. In doing so, it is important to determine how you want to control this lighting.

With the extension to the lighting strategy in Connext software version 914, growers can create the right balance between lighting and energy costs. By linking lighting to electricity management, your electricity consumption always stays within the set limits. It is even possible to link your electricity consumption to the balancing market (regional real-time grid balance between electricity supply and demand).

Modulating and dimming

Modulating involves adapting different light sources (solar and LED) to meet the light demand. Connext 914 allows lamps to modulate on the light the crop is already receiving from the sun. Priva Connext uses data from the PAR sensor or Solarimeter for this purpose. 

With separate software, LED lighting can be dimmed. By including LED control and monitoring in Priva Connext, lighting is not only fully integrated into your electricity management, but also into your climate and energy management. In addition to the possibility of modulating control, you also have insight into what heat is being added to the climate, as well as insight into your energy consumption.

By dimming LED light, the available amount of light is evenly distributed throughout the greenhouse. This is much more beneficial for the crop rather than turning off some of the HPS lamps and creating irregular lighting. An additional advantage of dimming LED lighting is that sunrise/sunset can be simulated. This results in less stress for the crop.

From customization to expansion module

In recent years, modular LED control was already available through special customized software on the Priva Connext. With Priva Connext software version 914 to be released in December this year, this is available as an expansion module to the lighting strategy. With this module, fixed spectrum LED and far-red light from almost all common manufacturers can be controlled.

New software version Connext included in Priva Connected

Are you considering purchasing Priva Connext software version 914 to control LED lighting modularly? In that case, Priva Connected may be just the thing for you.

Priva Connected

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