• Improved efficiency, yield, and crop quality

  • Prevention of waste of energy, water and nutrients

  • Robust, flexible and reliable systems for process, climate, light, CO2 and irrigation

  • Accurate control for precision growing

  • User-friendly, clear operation

To get your crops growing properly and with optimum efficiency, you need to have accurate control of your greenhouse. Process, climate, light & CO2, irrigation and operation can all be automated. They need to be effectively adjusted to one another, and preferably as accurately as possible. The more accurately you can control your greenhouse, the more beneficial this is for your crops. Priva systems are not individually-operating systems and applications. To opt for Priva is to opt for a total solution, one that really does let you link and control all of the processes and systems in your business; allowing your crops to grow perfectly, just like your business.

Process Control

Your productivity depends on the optimum balance of every process in your business. From cultivation to harvest, from water management and energy management to creating the right climate. The Priva process computer occupies a central role within this solution. Depending on the size of your business, your cultivation, location and, of course, your budget, you can select a range of standard options to expand. These provide the possibility of operating and controlling very simple systems, right through to the most complex systems; whether it's climate control, energy management or water management. If you wish, a Priva solution can even incorporate seven-day weather forecasts and rain radar using GPS location.

An end to waste

Linking everything in your horticultural company together means that you no longer have to leave anything to chance. Manual entry and registration become things of the past and you get a complete overview of your cultivation and business processes right down to the finest detail. You can even compare different periods and different locations. And if you still want to be able to make manual adjustments, Priva solutions enable you to do so whenever the need arises.

Fundamentally, insights and overviews mean that Priva solutions help to prevent wasted energy, water and nutrients, allowing users to make savings where possible and make adjustments where necessary.

Climate Control

Control of the internal climate in your greenhouse gives you influence over both the growth of your crops and the prevention of diseases and crop damage. Priva supplies a range of systems and devices for monitoring and controlling the greenhouse: from traditional measuring boxes to highly sensitive sensors, and from air treatment to advanced controls. All of these assist you in creating the ideal internal climate.

To create a climate for growth, it is crucial that all the installations around the crop work together fluently. Integrated control logic is the solution to optimize temperature, humidity and airflow with all the available installations. This integrated control logic is the base of every Priva process computer. And this integration doesn’t stop with climate. Irrigation, light and CO2, and the energy and water management is also based on this principal. This complete process can be optimized with one single Priva solution.

From greenhouse to working area to office

When processing products in the working area, you can take advantage of the central link to different controls, both in terms of work and productivity. This simplifies the process of analyzing and interpreting data that you have collated in the greenhouse during the growing and harvest period. Whatever your specific starting conditions are, Priva can help you to create the ideal climate for your crop.

Do you want to link multiple information sources to give you better control? The climate management system can be expanded to incorporate other automated Priva systems such as water management, process management, cultivation and harvest recording and analysis, labor recording, and analysis and management information.

Light and CO2

For any crop light and CO2 are crucial for photosynthesis and thereby for growth. Optimizing the light and CO2 conditions around your crop is therefore an important step for a better result. Priva has multiple products that can help you monitor the conditions, and analyzing these conditions is the first step towards optimization. Priva can offer you the option to optimize light. The Par strategy includes the control of artificial lighting and shading curtains. Connecting both installations into one single integrated control strategy, makes controlling easier and more precise. Optimizing the use of lights and curtains saves costs and optimizes the photosynthesis process. 


You are always looking for ways in which you can grow even more efficiently. Intelligent cultivation is only truly possible when the plant itself can influence watering, because the more precise the watering, the healthier the root system. Production increases as a result of better absorption of nutrients by the root system. Priva offers a system by which watering is automatically optimized to the conditions, the state of the crop and the type of substrate, based on the plant's needs. By optimizing irrigation, nutrients and water are better used, so in the end you have a better crop and less costs.


A good overview is crucial for every process and for growing crops it’s the same story. Priva offers different applications that help you to create an overview. Based on the overview you can decide where attention is needed for further optimization. This way of working will not only save time and costs; it will also help you to get the most out of your crop. Priva’s solutions have one thing in common; they are easy, user-friendly and reliable.