• Manage your building management system remotely

With Priva Remote Management you can operate, manage and maintain your building management system remotely. Any problems in the system? You can quickly see where things are going wrong and, where possible, easily rectify the problem remotely. 

  • For now and in the future

    The system can easily be expanded with other functions and rolled out to multiple buildings

  • Fast connection

    Multiple users can log in and work with it at the same time

  • Optimum security

    Advanced security functions prevent unauthorised traffic entering from outside

  • No investment costs

    The necessary hardware is supplied free of charge when you take out a subscription

Simple, secure and protected

The connection between the system and the remote building manager can be set up easily via Microsoft Azure. Advanced security functions keep unauthorised traffic out and protect your data. In addition, it is not possible to access the company network via this connection.

Ready for the future

Are you likely to need historical data storage or alarm management in the future? These and other functions, such as system and energy performance, can be managed over the same connection.

Save time and money

Dial-up connections are now a thing of the past. The connection of Remote Management with the building management system takes place over the internet and is therefore much faster. The annual costs are fixed. In this way, you know in advance where you stand. Are there any problems with your building management system? A technical specialist will support you remotely and resolve any problems. That also saves time and money.

Free hardware

The necessary hardware for establishing the secure connection is supplied free of charge when you take out a subscription.

Effectively and efficiently manage your indoor climate?

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  • Scalable

    Easy to expand with other functions, such as alarm management or energy performance

  • Fast connection

    Fast connection with the building management system via the Microsoft Azure cloud service

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