Weather sensors: Measuring wind, precipitation, and more

The measurement of wind speed and direction, precipitation, temperature, (outside) air humidity and the amount of sunlight is of great importance to achieve a stable climate in the greenhouse. Based on data from our Precipitation sensor, the air vents are controlled automatically to maintain an optimal indoor climate.

With the Outdoor RV-sensor you can measure the relative air humidity outside the greenhouse. This is important because it can differ greatly with the humidity in the greenhouse. Our Irradation sensors measure the outward heat emission of the greenhouse. To prevent heat loss from the greenhouse, the screen closes sooner when the sky is clear thanks to the greenhouse sensor. This prevents damage to your crop and saves energy. With our Weather station, all the measured data is sent to your Priva process computer. The computer takes this data into account and based on those calculations, the processes are being controlled automatically.

Understand how your crop will benefit.

Discover what the benefits are for you and the crops you grow.

Achieve a stable greenhouse climate

With accurate measurements of the outside conditions such as wind speed and direction, precipitation and temperature

Prevent crop damage and save energy

Thanks to monitoring the outward heat emission, the screens close sooner in clear skies

Cucumbers growing in Greenhouse
Cherry tomatoes in greenhouse Looye
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