Connext 914

Available now: the new software version of Priva Connext

Discover all the new features of the Connext 914.

Priva Connext 914 brings you attractive new functionalities, such as the option for modulating control of LED lighting, an energy-saving cascade control for customers using multiple Priva Vialux systems, and new options for connecting “external” sensors.

In addition to these new capabilities, the update is important to keep your systems up to date. Each new version contributes to the safety and performance of your systems.


Up-to-date systems
When you install the new version, you’ll be able to use new functionalities and your systems will meet the latest updates with regards to safety and reliability.
Modulating control of LED lighting and energy savings
Save energy by adapting your lighting to available sunlight and linking your lighting strategy to your energy management.
Vialux cascade control
Always have the right amount of clean water at the right time and save energy by turning systems on and off less often.
Light strategy

Modulating control of LED lighting

The PAR strategy has a new name. From now on it will be called: Light strategy. The Light strategy includes a new option for modulating control of LED lighting.


With this option it is possible to automatically adjust the amount of grow light to the available sunlight (PAR or solar radiation), which is cost-free. By linking the modulating lighting strategy to your electricity management, heat management and screen control, you can create the perfect balance between the right amount of light for the crop and your energy consumption. It’s even possible to link the electricity management to the balancing market.


The balancing market
The balancing market keeps total electricity production and consumption in balance regionally. The balancing market can ask participating horticultural companies at any time to increase or decrease electricity production or consumption. Your (grow light) systems and/or CHP installations can be used to maintain the balance.


When there is overproduction on the electricity grid, you may be asked to purchase more electricity by temporarily turning on your grow light and/or turning off your CHP. When there is a shortage of electricity, you may be asked to turn on your CHP and turn off the lights.
These are complicated operations that generally need to be done within a few minutes. Priva Connext can do this for you, on the basis of chosen priorities.


The option to control the modulating LED lighting is available at an additional cost. In Connext 914, fixed spectrum LED lighting can be controlled this way. If you also want to use far-red light, you can do so with an additional lighting strategy. In a future release it will be possible to control far-red light and fixed spectrum light within one lighting strategy.

Led Kas 1
Cascade control

Cascade control for Priva Vialux

If you use multiple Vialux systems to disinfect your irrigation water, Connext 914 contains an interesting improvement.
Previously, the number of Vialux systems to be switched on was determined by the amount of ‘dirty drain water’ in the silo. In the new version, the Vialux systems are switched on based on the required amount of clean water. This ensures that the required amount of clean water is present at the right time.
In addition, the new cascade control contributes to energy savings, because the systems switch on and off less often.

Connecting sensors

Connecting additional sensors more easily

In addition to the standard sensors in your Priva systems, additional sensors can also be connected to it using a customized module. This was limited to a 0-100% measurement, an alarm measurement or temperature measurement. With Connext 914, this set has been expanded by the following sensors:

  • EC (Electrical Conductivity)
  • pH
  • Water temperature
  • Air temperature
  • Relative humidity (RH)
  • CO2
  • Radiation
  • PAR (spectrum)
  • Position
  • Power (data bus only)
  • Volume (data bus only)
  • Universal IPT measurement (no unit, no data bus)

Installation & system requirements

Connext 914 can be installed by your Priva partner.
The following system requirements apply to installation of the new software:

  • CPC 2.0 or CPC 2.1 processor
  • Update to Priva Office Direct 9.7 (Windows 11 compatible)
  • Update Gateway
Priva Connected 

Priva Connected

Do you have a subscription to Priva Connected? In that case, the new software version is available to you. Schedule an appointment with your installer and you'll be up to date for the new year. The installation costs will be billed separately by your installer.

Don't have a Priva Connected subscription yet? Cost-wise, this is almost always more advantageous than a separate update. Software versions and releases are included in the Priva Connected  subscription, as are cloud services Priva Operator, Notification Center and Access Control.



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