Greenhouse watering systems

Discover the power of our greenhouse watering systems for fertilization and disinfiction.

Control your water flow with safe and efficient use of irrigation water.

An optimal water flow for your crop with the correct fertilizer and nutrient dosing: we understand that this is a top priority. We have extensive knowledge of irrigation, water disinfection and nutrient dosing and our solutions ensure that you can manage irrigation for your greenhouse in the most optimal way.

The smart water cycle

A Priva greenhouse watering system supports a highly efficient cycle. After your water intake, which can come from various sources like tap or rainwater, the water is treated with a UV-disinfection to ensure safe entry water. This also adds the possibility to recycle drain water. The next step is Bicarbonate removal; it provides the right Ph-level for nutrient uptake. The fertilizer dosing systems add the nutrients at the right dosage with expert precision.

Our advanced greenhouse irrigation monitoring system makes sure the correct dosing reaches your crop. The greenhouse sensors measure evaporation and drain levels. Furthermore, the plant itself can determine the time at which watering takes place.

The drain water is then UV-disinfected again. This ensures that the drain water can be recycled and up to 99% of the crop protection agents are broken down before water is discharged via a greenhouse drip irrigation system or other means. Thereby, your greenhouse water system is guaranteed to be safe and sustainable.


Priva is a member of the Fertinnowa network

It is Fertinnowa’s mission to Close the gap between knowledge and growers with regard to fertigated crops. Fertinnowa is doing this by gathering and sharing knowledge and best practices about fertigation for different regions, crops and cropping systems across Europe.

One of the outcomes of the project is The Fertigation Bible. This document provides useful practical information to the horticultural sector about the diverse technologies available for all aspects of fertigation.

In an environment where healthy growth, of your crop and your company, takes center stage, it is important that the various water flows are optimally controlled, and that the correct quantities of fertilizers are administered at the same time. The systems we develop allow you to efficiently dose high-quality irrigation water and to recirculate it safely.
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Understand how your crop will benefit.

Discover what the benefits are for you and the crops you grow.

The best water for your crop

Water is essential for growing your crop. But as you know, finding the correct dosing of nutrients, fertilizer and water flow can be difficult. And with stricter legislation and environmental policies, secure use of water and reducing & recycling waste water is becoming more important every day.

Efficiently manage your water flow

The key to these challenges is smart (re)use of water. Priva offers innovative solutions for your entire irrigation process. We’ll help you from start to end: from disinfecting water and removing bicarbonate, to mixing and dosing water with the right concentration of nutrients at the right time and from measuring the drain water to recycling it.

UV disinfection

UV disinfection makes it possible to reuse water safely for longer. Furthermore, expensive fertilizers are used more efficiently if the irrigation water is constantly recirculated, as they no longer disappear down the drain.

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Relevant solutions for managing your water flow.

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Efficient water disinfection for safe (re)use of water
Cucumber greenhouse Reijm
Priva Nutri-Line
Precise fertilizer dosing systems for a healthy crop
Priva Neutralizer
Ensure a stable pH level for your irrigation water
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