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Building technology services for an optimal indoor climate

Priva develops sustainable solutions for building management, building automation, energy management and personal comfort.

At Priva, we help owners, developers and investors to build environments that make people feel better while using energy in the most sustainable manner possible. We use our technological know-how and expertise to develop building automation solutions that create the perfect indoor climate for any given activity and reduce the environmental footprint of buildings.
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Smarter Energy

Re-thinking the way we use energy

Faced with an ever-growing world population and increasingly scarce natural resources, we need to completely re-think the way we generate, purchase, store and distribute energy in our buildings. Using smart technology, Priva enables its customers to make the transition to a more sustainable use of energy – reducing consumption, improving efficiency and maximizing the use of renewable sources.

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Better Working

Helping people get the best out of their talent

Providing a great workplace where people can grow and get the best out of their talents is no longer a luxury for employers. It has become a bare necessity for companies and organizations that want to win the war for talent. Using smart technology, Priva helps create working environments that make people feel better and enables them to develop their talent in the best possible conditions.

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Better Living

Creating environments where people can thrive

We spend an increasing part of our lives outside of our homes – at work, in school, shopping, traveling. Building better workplaces, schools, hospitals, hotels and public buildings improves quality of life for everyone. Using smart technology, Priva helps owners, developers and investors to create future-proof buildings and environments where all people can thrive.

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Making our customers’ lives easier

Creating a climate for growth shouldn’t be hard work for our customers. We want to make sure they can benefit from our technology with minimal effort and knowledge on their part. That is why we are transforming our products, systems and solutions into digital, cloud-based services as much as we can. No upfront investments, no management or maintenance – just the right climate and comfort level that is needed at all times.

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