Priva Campus

The Priva Campus

The place where we create a climate for growth for our employees

Our Priva Campus is one of the Netherlands’ first carbon-neutral buildings. Because we heat and cool the building using Aquifer Thermal Energy Storage (ATES), we don’t need a gas connection. We used a lot of sustainable and recycled materials in the construction and, naturally, the indoor climate is controlled by a Priva building management system.

Promoting innovation

Exchanging knowledge is something we see as very important. Among the employees, but also with outside parties. We believe interaction and communication are key preconditions for promoting innovation. Our Priva Campus stimulates that feeling; the beautiful building creates a very open and pleasant atmosphere where people feel comfortable. It is a pleasure to work and spend time in the Campus.

A pleasant working environment

At Priva, we try to create a climate for growth for our employees. We believe people perform better in a climate of mutual respect and involvement, where growth and development go hand-in-hand. We value a healthy and pleasant working environment. Colleagues can exercise in our own gym called ‘The Box’ and our chef prepares fresh and healthy meals in our own restaurant every day.