Trailblazing the raspberry industry

Southland Sod Farms' Martin Gramckow is adapting to the needs of the raspberry growing industry with advanced irrigation and climate management solutions.

  • Tailored precision growing solution for raspberries on substrate

  • Improved fruit quality by irrigating with the right amount at the right time

  • Integration of wireless sensor data in irrigation strategy

  • Reliable, high quality solutions with technical support

  • Priva expertise and guidance from idea to success


Operating in a very competitive and complex industry of raspberry growing, precise irrigation control would be imperative to the success of the Gramckow's family business


Priva introduced Gramckow to the Priva Root Optimizer, which very accurately calculates container moisture by measuring weight. 


The Root optimizer has allowed Gramckow to better manage flower gutation which results in higher fruit quality and a lower cull rate.