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It is our mission to contribute to a sustainable world where a growing world population can live a healthy and comfortable life. With our unique combination of hardware, software and services we are perfectly positioned to offer solutions for the challenges the urbanizing world faces. Whatever we do, our focus is on local and efficient food production, green and clean buildings and neighborhoods and minimal use of scarce natural resources like fossil energy and fresh water. This way, we believe that we can really contribute to a number of themes that are high on the global political agenda: water, food, climate and energy.
In the next 30 years, every 3 months a city with more than 9 million inhabitants will arise in a lower delta. Inhabitants of these cities will often live in poor circumstances or in expensive small apartments, breathing smog and smelling sewage.

The urgent need for a living and working environment with clean air, clean energy, drinkable water, smart mobility and safe and healthy food is increasingly felt by the leaders and inhabitants of these rapidly growing metropolitan areas. More and more city governments, city planners and real estate developers start to realize that they can only continue to expand their city if the surrounding areas (the green belt or urban growth boundary) and their food production will be included as an integral part of these major urban developments. This integral approach is needed to help solve many problems related to living, mobility, energy, water and food and will enhance social coherence, create new jobs and business opportunities.

Priva wants to help these cities transform by creating a climate for growth. By developing leading edge technology, services and knowledge for climate control and process automation in horticulture, the built environment and anything in between. We contribute to a climate that offers a sustainable living for a growing and urbanizing world population.

What drives us

With our vision on how we should deal with food production and the growing world population, we want to do our bit to create a better world. Urbanization, soil pollution, energy waste, lack of clean (drinking) water: if we do nothing about these things, we will be destroying our own future. And that of the future generation. But if we handle our natural resources in a smarter way, there will be enough for everyone, without us exhausting Mother Earth. And that is what drives us.

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With 500 colleagues, 15 local offices in 13 countries and over 400 international installation partners, we provide our sustainable solutions and services in more than 100 countries. Want to be part of our mission? We are more than happy to get in touch!

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