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Red Cross Mechelen: a carbon neutral building

Building Automation
Rode Kruis Mechelen

Right next to its head office in Motstraat, Red Cross Flanders has moved its Blood Service into a new building. The department collects and processes blood, plasma and platelets and distributes it to hospitals. It also has several high-technological laboratories.

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Heat pumps

The new building is carbon neutral and has BREEAM certification. Energy piles and a ground heat exchanger power a geothermal heat pump which makes the use of fossil fuels for heating and cooling redundant. A second heat pump provides support at peak moments. The heat pumps distribute the water to the climate bars in the different rooms. Three central Priva controllers and 52 solar controllers were commissioned by Delektro bvba. This Priva partner previously worked in different buildings of Red Cross Flanders.

Much less cabling

Thanks to the solar controllers, much less cabling is required for the readout of room sensors and control of ventilation valves. Furthermore, the desired temperature, CO2 limit values and hourly rate of each room can be individually adjusted. Via energy monitoring, the building manager can monitor the performance of his HVAC installation and trace any incongruencies.

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Bill Whittaker

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Bill Whittaker