Customer stories: Building solutions in healthcare industry

Transforming healthcare - Priva's customer success stories.

At Priva we take pride in revolutionizing the healthcare industry through our innovative building solutions. We invite you to read the inspiring stories of our esteemed customers who have partnered with us to create state-of-the-art healthcare environments.

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St Mary's Health Centre
St Mary's Health Centre saves 22% on gas bills
  • St Mary's Health Centre
  • 2021
Precise temperature control at Fawkham Manor hospital
  • Fawkham Manor Hospital
  • 2021
Healthcare worker
How NHS UK optimizes healthcare building efficiency
  • NHS UK
  • 2020
Rode Kruis Mechelen 1 Small
Red Cross Mechelen: a carbon neutral building
  • Rode Kruis Mechelen
  • 2020
Hr 1554 1
Reinier de Graaf Hospital adapts to changing requirements
  • Reinier de Graaf Hospital
  • 2017
Banner Building Small
Forensic psychiatric center Antwerp: Sustainable energy use
  • FPC Antwerp
  • 2017

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