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Forensic psychiatric center Antwerp: Sustainable energy use

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FPC Antwerp

FPC Antwerp is a forensic psychiatric centre for the treatment and re-integration of prisoners. Our aim is to reduce the risk of reoffending and to remove the underlying causes for criminal behaviour or make them manageable, to enable their safe reintegration into society. Treatment and security go hand in hand.

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On 29 June 2017, FPC Antwerp was officially opened by Jan Jambon, deputy prime minister and Minister of Foreign Affairs, Security and Belgian Buildings Agency, Koen Geens, Minister of Justice and Maggie De Block, Minister of Social Affairs and Public Health.

Sustainable building

The centre is a nice example of sustainable building and sustainable energy use. The walls have been built in architectonic concrete with relief structure in different grey-brown tints. The joinery is in anthracite steel.

The building has a heat transfer coefficient of 20 to 25 for the 3 buildings. Thanks to the excellent insulation of the walls and roofs, energy use can be limited.  Super-insulating and reflective glass have been used. Via solar panels, solar boilers ensure the production of hot water and rainwater is recycled.  With the installation of underfloor heating (low temperature heating) and limiting the length of the pipes from the heating and ventilation systems, optimal use is made of fossil fuels to meet the remaining energy needs. Energy efficient bulbs are used for the lighting. 

The use of mains water is limited due to a smart water management system. Rainwater is recovered, filtered and stored for use in flushing toilets, maintaining buildings and sprinkling the garden. Excess water is discharged to a water channel whereby the water infiltrates in the ground.

Water-saving devices are used, while green roofs ensure the buffering of the roof water. The technical installations are optimally controlled and adjusted for the desired comfort and required user profile thanks to the use of a high-performing building management system.

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