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Successful pilot project with Priva ECO at Sigg-Plant, Finland

12 March 2024

Priva representatives José Haaring and Marcel Beekenkamp recently visited long-term customer Oy Sigg-Plant Ab after a successful pilot project with Priva ECO (Energy Cost Optimizer). Sigg-Plant achieved significant cost savings by using Priva ECO's artificial intelligence.

Saving energy costs at Sigg-Plant

Sigg-Plant wanted to take the next step in energy cost savings by using the most efficient source at any moment of the day. For this, Priva implemented the Priva ECO solution which has a proven track record for energy cost savings in the building automation market for many years. In Finland, producing heat with electricity can be a more cost-effective option than using gas. However, electricity prices can vary throughout the day.

How does Priva ECO work?

Priva ECO uses ECO Digital Twin technology to calculate the most cost-efficient way to produce the thermal energy needed for the next 24 hours. The required thermal energy is calculated based on the greenhouse location, greenhouse properties, lighting usage, energy screen usage and the weather forecast. Priva ECO takes into account the capacities of the existing installations such as gas boilers, E-boilers, heat exchangers, heat pumps, heat buffers and the fixed and flexible energy prices. By using Priva ECO you save money and reduce CO2 emissions.

Sigg-Plant has achieved significant cost savings through the use of artificial intelligence in Priva ECO.

Sigg-Plant recently hosted an open day and invited Priva and Bosman Van Zaal to the event. During the open day, Priva presented Priva ECO to other growers in Finland. In addition, Priva hosted a seminar in collaboration with their local partner Schetelig on the latest software for LED control solutions in Priva Connext 915. The seminar was well-attended by many growers.