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Plantonomy ready for application in pepper cultivation

13 March 2023

Following positive test results, pepper growers can now also use Priva's Plantonomy software. The main benefits: a consistent production and a resilient crop. Plantonomy is applied at ACB Agro, where pepper grower Antoni de Bruin has been testing the software for two years alongside a reference crop. Additionally, Plantonomy is being used on a pepper farm in Canada to gain experience with different climatic conditions.

Smart Algorithms

The smart algorithms behind Plantonomy ensure that the plant's water balance is controlled according to the cultivation plan, at any time of the day. By controlling the crop based on water balance (uptake, transpiration and drain), the grower has more control over its development. This ensures more regular production, which is beneficial for labor planning, among other things.

Stronger crop

The integrated and autonomous control of climate and irrigation also ensures a stronger, more resilient crop. This prevents diseases and disorders, such as blossom end rot. Pepper grower Antoni de Bruin is so pleased with the results that he has decided to control his entire greenhouse with Plantonomy.

Antoni de Bruin, paprikateler: "With Plantonomy, I realize a more even climate and reduced plant stress, as a result of which we hardly had any sunscald or blossom end rot last year.”

“From the current, stable steering, follow-up steps can be made in terms of net production and higher efficiency in energy, water and nutrient use. Plantonomy is ready to be applied in pepper cultivation,” says Priva’s Teus Jan de Jong.

More information

Read more about grower Antoni de Bruin’s experiences in the November edition of the magazine Onder Glas (available in Dutch only): 'Less plant stress and regular production due to more stable climate'.

Pepper growers who are interested in growing with Plantonomy, can contact Teus Jan de Jong, program manager Plantonomy at Priva (+31 6 4688 0124,


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Teus Jan De Jong

Program Manager

Teus Jan de Jong