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How Priva Connected provides continuity in your business processes

05 May 2021
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New technological developments are changing the horticultural industry at breakneck speed. This gives growers the opportunity to optimize their business processes. But to do so, it’s important to ensure that all your systems are performing well and are, of course, secure.

With Priva Connected, you get access to online applications that enable you to manage the climate in your greenhouse remotely and receive alerts on your cell phone. Plus, you always have access to the latest software updates to ensure the performance and security of your systems. In this blog we reveal more about how these software updates can benefit you.

Continuity and performance

To get the best performance out of your climate computer, it is very important to ensure it is running the latest version of the software. You might be thinking, “Why is that necessary? My computer is still working fine!” But it’s a bit more nuanced than that.

Take your smartphone, for example. You get regular notifications to update the operating system (e.g. Android or iOS). These updates can make your phone work faster, keep it secure, make your battery last longer, and allow you to continue using apps and other features the way you’re used to. In other words, the software update is important to ensure your smartphone continues to work properly and is ready for the future. And the same goes for your Priva software. If your software is up to date, your climate computer will continue to work properly. Also, it’s important to keep your software updated if you want to add a new module, such as a valve area or a curtain. The updates also ensure your computer will continue to communicate flawlessly with the Priva Cloud and our digital services.

Advantages of up-to-date Priva software at a glance

  • The software for the Connext climate computer is continuously updated and improved. So if you decide to use new systems in your greenhouse or update existing ones, for example, an older software version might not support that change. If you want your business to grow in line with the latest developments, it makes sense to keep your software updated to the latest version.
  • Both Priva employees and Priva Partner technicians are trained in the latest supported versions. So a Priva employee may not be able to find an effective solution to your problem if your process computer is still running an outdated version.
  • Benefit from more efficient control systems with updated software. Our Priva consultants will gladly help you optimize your strategies by reviewing these controls. This enables us to focus on various climate-related issues in the greenhouse, such as damp spots along the side walls or cold downdraughts when opening curtains.

Future-proof solution

Choosing Priva Connected means your climate computer will always be running the latest software version. The online applications are updated automatically every time you log in. You will also receive a notification when new features are available. That way you’re assured of a reliable system that will help you keep on optimizing the automation of your horticultural processes. In short, a future-proof solution.

Manage processes remotely

Priva Connected is the service package that gives you access to Priva Operator, Priva Alarms and Access Control. These digital services enable you to adjust and manage your daily climate, watering, light and energy management activities remotely.

Priva Connected

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Tom Koot

Manager Sales Horticulture Europe

Tom Koot