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Earth Day 2021: Importance of innovative green technology

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21 April 2021

With its theme of ‘Restore Our Earth’, this year’s Earth Day provides an ideal moment for organizations everywhere to think about how they can harness new technologies and work more sustainably.

It would be fair to say that this year’s Earth Day arrives at an unusual moment in the world’s recent environmental history. Due largely to pandemic-related lockdowns, global carbon dioxide emissions from fossil fuels and industry are thought to have dropped by 7% during 2020. This would equate to the biggest drop since the end of World War II in 1945 (source: Global Carbon Project, 1).

With much of the world working towards ambitious decarbonization goals in 2030 and 2050, it’s not surprising that these developments caused much excitement. It was predictable, perhaps, that these gains could soon be squandered as lockdown conditions receded and governments began to talk about returning to ‘business as usual’.

Sprout in hand

In this context, the arrival of this year’s Earth Day on Thursday (22 April) is very timely as it reinforces the importance of multilateral action if we are to – in the theme of the 2021 event – ‘Restore Our Earth’.

Earth Day Initiative places emphasis on three key areas to restore the world’s eco-systems: (2)

  • natural processes,
  • emerging green technologies
  • innovative thinking

Action in these areas is essential for both our working and domestic lives, with a healthy Earth being the only way “to support our jobs, livelihoods, health & survival, and happiness.”

The Earth Day website provides a wealth of practical information for individuals and companies keen to take action. Here at Priva, however, this is something we have been doing for many years by putting sustainability and innovation at the core of everything we do.

Innovation provides the answers

We believe technology holds the answers to many of the big climate challenges faced by our generation. Right across our portfolio – from buildings to horticulture – we believe
innovation holds the answers.

For example, in our solutions for building automation, smart technologies, building like Priva’s Blue ID make it easier for customers to shift to a more sustainable use of energy. With core building systems such as heating, air conditioning and lighting under greater control, there are plentiful opportunities to reduce consumption and improve efficiency.

Meanwhile, at the Priva Lab for Innovation (Lin), we are developing and deploying a suite a technologies that will help to deliver smarter approaches to energy use. The Lab’s view is that data represents the next big hurdle in green technologies, with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning set to play a huge part. We fully expect these advanced technologies to be a part of our systems going forward as we work to make them even more supportive of environmental strategies and decarbonization.

In our horticulture business, our commitment sustainability is intrinsic to everything we do. With every step we take with our customers, our starting point is to deliver greater efficiency in the use of natural resources with less energy consumption and a maximum reuse of water. It’s clear then, that Earth Day’s objective to raise awareness and incite positive change in terms of natural processes, emerging green technologies and innovative thinking is entirely aligned with our ‘day job’. It’s what we do.

Head in the clouds

Right across portfolio, there’s also a movement here at Priva to transform our systems and solutions into digital, cloud-based services as much as we can (Priva Digital Services). Enabling much greater flexibility, this will allow systems to be updated and managed from afar – a huge benefit as personnel spend more time working from home and companies seek to eradicate unnecessary travel. Where a third-party company manages an organization’s energy systems, it might be that they no longer have to travel to be on site at all.

All of which means that, more than ever, the innovative technologies and processes are in place to ensure that companies everywhere can help to ‘Restore Our Earth’.


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