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Invest in a smart indoor climate

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31 July 2020

The idea of creating and maintaining a healthy indoor climate in an office building is often made overly complicated. Today, we know how to provide an optimum indoor climate. There are important points that need to be focused on in this regard

As an employer or building owner, it is important to create a healthy working climate. Every day, you need to look for smart improvements, so that you can get the most out of your building.

But how do you create a pleasant workplace for everyone? How do you ensure that work productivity is maximized? And how can you manage an energy-efficient building for yourself at the same time?

We will list a few important figures for you:

1. 4 out of 10 employees are not satisfied with their current workplace

Are your employees in your office satisfied with their workplace? Research has shown that 4 out of 10 people say no (Health, 2017). This is due to various factors such as poor air quality, inadequate lighting, wrong temperatures, and poor overall comfort.

2. Sufficient daylight in the office contributes to an average of 46 minutes more sleep at night

Office workers who receive sufficient artificial and natural daylight experience fewer complaints, such as headaches, and sleep longer at night. This results in higher productivity. The intensity and the timing of the light are also important. They can even have a positive impact on employees' BMI.

3. An indoor temperature between 20 °C and 25 °C results in the highest work productivity

Various studies show that people's cognitive abilities increase in a well-ventilated building. This is equivalent to a salary increase of 5,500 euro per year and a substantial decrease in energy costs of up to 90% (Health, 2017). Given that people are working indoors more and more, climate factors such as temperature and humidity in particular are becoming increasingly important.

4. The need for individual comfort has never been so high

An energy-efficient climate system is not enough. After all, how do you ensure that your employees really do use the building optimally? By making your building smart and user-friendly. In this way, you provide each user with maximum personal comfort during their daily work process.

This could include providing an automated parking system, for example, so that people can find a parking space quickly and efficiently. It could also involve the integration of a system in which employees are assigned a flexible workplace based on the weather forecast, such as on the sunny side in cold weather and on the shade side in hot weather. This saves on heating costs, to start with, but also on cleaning costs, for example. These are just a few of the possibilities you could leverage to increase the efficient use of your building.

Our cooperation with bGrid® enables you to achieve your objectives perfectly. Your office becomes a personal assistant that makes all this possible. A minor revolution: no more separate solutions for individual problems, but a single system with all the functionalities for an optimal working environment. Now and in the future.

You provide an inspiring and healthy environment, in which your employees enjoy working – right now and in the long term.

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Cesar Salaverria

Sales Account Manager Horticulture

Cesar Salaverria