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New innovative building solutions for personal comfort

Priva broadens her Personal Comfort solution
29 September 2020

Create your own perfect indoor climate and get comfortable and productive in every work and living space. With the total solution ‘Personal Comfort’, you can reach a high level of individual comfort.

Everyone has different experiences when it comes to a comfortable indoor climate. One person may feel cold, while another feels too hot or needs more light. Wouldn’t it be great if you could adjust the climate in your work or living space, individually and with ease? At Priva, we hear you. And to answer your call, we’ve broadened our Personal Comfort range with new and innovative products.

Priva Personal Comfort is an all-in-one solution for heating, cooling, ventilation, lighting, and sun blinds control. The system consists of three products: a multi-purpose controller, a modern control panel, and Priva Roombus.

Priva Comforte CX2

Individual personal comfort and design, coupled with a lower energy use, is what makes the Priva Comforte CX2 unique. Thanks to its modular design, consisting of a base module, a power module, and various output modules, you can enjoy an unsurpassed level of individual comfort.

The biggest plus of Priva Comforte CX2 is the combination of an elegant control solution and the integration of smart Roombus technology. The optional operating unit Priva Touchpoint One lets you perfect your environment. With the modular design of Priva Comforte CX2 and the wide array of add-on modules, you can fine-tune almost every system to your unique wishes.

Priva Comforte Cx22

Priva Touchpoint One

Design and comfort meet in Priva Touchpoint One, an elegant control panel developed especially for offices, hotels, schools or any other buildings and which is surprisingly easy to operate. Priva Touchpoint One allows you to switch on your own heating or cooling, control your sun blinds, and control lighting intensity as you wish, through a user-friendly interface. Realizing your individual climate wishes has never been this easy.

Touchpoint One on wall

Priva Roombus

With Priva Roombus, we introduce a way to configure technical installations faster and more easily. It’s a plug-and-play concept for integrating smart Roombus technology into your Priva building management system. Its fixed configurations and smart network topology make the Roombus fast and easy to install. Take it out of the box, plug it in – and it’s ready to use.