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Building automation in school: Healthy learning environments

Building Automation
10 January 2022

Let's enable our children to grow up in a healthy and comfortable learning environment. An environment that stimulates their learning and development abilities and helps them prepare themselves for their next steps in life.

  • Create the optimal balance between temperature, ventilation and lighting
  • Reduce the CO2 levels in classrooms by automatically adding fresh air
  • Simply click, monitor and make changes to the system if there are disabilities causing energy waste
  • Maintain low-carbon, resource-efficient standards throughout the school's whole life

Guarantee the wellbeing of children

It is proven that with the optimal balance between lighting, air humidity, climate and CO2 in classrooms, the learning and development abilities of children will improve considerably. And because children spend 30% of their youth at school, it is obvious that we should invest in a healthy and comfortable learning environment. Our children are the future and if we want to safely pass on our earth to them, we should also think about how to handle our scarce, natural resources in a smarter way.

A sustainable school building

One way to do that is to integrate energy and building management systems of school buildings. With the right control technology, you can improve building efficiency, reduce emissions and deliver energy savings of up to 40%, through better control of heating, ventilating and air-conditioning services. All of this is achieved whilst maintaining a healthy and comfortable learning environment for children, so that we enable them to learn and grow optimally.

Priva offers one of the best systems I've ever used. It's given us so much more local control and improved the way the school is heated. It really made my job easier.

Premises Manager Waverley School, Enfield

Graham Williams

Long-term energy efficiency

Investing in a healthy learning environment, is investing in the energy performance of the building at the same time. The more precise you can control the settings per classroom and other spaces in the building, the more visible the energy consumption will be. Ensure optimal performance of your building while ensuring efficiency in control and energy consumption throughout the life of the school building.

Monitoring 24/7

Are children in classrooms feeling comfortable? What is the carbon dioxide level? Are the systems running optimally? What is the energy use? We will give you an insight into this 24/7 and advise you, if desired, on possible improvements. This allows you to realize significant savings and maintain a healthy and comfortable climate for children.

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