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Priva Compass

Is your crop and business growing efficiently? This is getting more and more important, just like using water and energy optimally and producing vegetables, fruit, and ornamental plants safely. Priva Compass offers a user-friendly and sustainable solution to simply control your crop by optimal water and energy use. Priva Compass takes the crop as the starting point and will guide you towards a growing business.

Priva Compass
  • Putting the crop first

    Ensuring an optimal development of your crop with minimal risk of diseases

  • Modular design

    Fits your needs perfectly

  • Intuitive dashboards

    Clear insights into your growing processes

  • Anytime anywhere

    Operable from any device via the Cloud

High quality

As a grower, you want to produce a beautiful and high-quality product. To do so, every process in your business needs to be optimally balanced. Priva Compass helps you to do just that. With this easy and intuitive tool, you will be able to choose the best growing strategy for today and the future.

Three different areas

Priva compass allows you to control three different areas: photosynthesis, climate and irrigation. The photosynthesis modules allow you to control and optimize light and CO2 to ensure the best crop growth. With the climate modules temperature, air humidity and airflow are adjusted easily and diseases are being minimalized. The irrigation modules ensure the right amount of water at the right time, to prevent dehydration and poor root development.

Compass Operator mobile
Priva Operator

In charge with a dashboard

Whichever device you use, you always have insight into your operation in the form of a clearly laid-out dashboard. Your dashboards show you the information that is most relevant to you in a clean and simple layout. Thanks to the clear interface with intuitive dashboards and graphs, it only takes a glance to see the status of the various components of your system, including the components that may need adjusting. The dashboards give you control over all the parts connected to your installation, leaving you in charge of your processes at all times.

Easily control your key processes?

Manage and monitor your climate, water and energy remotely

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A user-friendly climate computer that fits my business perfectly.

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Point your crops in the right direction

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  • Perfect control of the greenhouse climate

    Never too hot or too cold

  • Balanced irrigation

    Always the right amount of water and fertilizer

  • Optimize CO2

    Ensure the best crop growth

  • Control of lighting

    Fitted to the needs of your crop

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