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Oderings Nurseries & Garden Centres: Remote climate control

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Recently the Priva Compass climate computer with Priva Connected subscription was commisioned at Oderings Nurseries and Garden Centres. The growers have since been in control of the new Cravo greenhouse, which uses the latest dedicated Cravo software through the Priva Compass.

Priva Compass

In order to control the climate in the new Cravo greenhouse as effectively as possible, Oderings Nurseries opted for the Priva Compass. The Compass ensures that, for example, the retractable roof and screens of the Cravo greenhouse open and close automatically.

Priva Compass offers a user-friendly and sustainable solution to simply control your crop by controlling three different aspects: photosynthesis, climate and irrigation. Priva Compass takes the crop as the starting point and will guide you towards a growing business.

Priva Connected

The Priva Connected package makes it possible for growers to control their cultivation facility remotely. Remotely manage and monitor your climate, water and energy and quickly adjust strategies from your smartphone, tablet or laptop. Where and when you want.

Our local partner Advanced Hort took care of the installation of the Priva Compass and the Priva Connected subscription at Oderings Nurseries & Garden Centres.

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