Найти институты по подготовке кадров

Хотите узнать о существовании в вашем районе института по подготовке кадров, который предлагает возможность участия в программе Priva Academy?

At Priva, sharing knowledge is key. Therefore, we are collaborating with training institutes to integrate the Priva Academy in their education program. This way, we are able to connect with future growers and hopefully inspire them to make the most of their study and future job. The Priva Academy contains courses which are designed to let people learn more about the horticulture domain on a basic level.

The Priva Academy also provides insight information into the way Priva products work in practice. The Priva Academy links training institutes to horticultural companies. It makes it easier for horticultural companies to find the right students for internships or new talent and vice versa and to learn about local growing conditions. Training institutes can also connect with other schools to collaborate –  for exchange programs, for example.

Training Institutes