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Priva Cloud Security FAQ: Your data safe in the cloud

Secure cloud environment for your greenhouse data

You have been storing vast amounts of greenhouse crop production data in your own systems for years. Connecting these systems to the cloud unlocks new possibilities for further innovations. Since our technology products and services control processes that are vital to your business, we know that the security of these products and services - and the data that they contain - is critical.

Secure & stable

Microsoft Azure platform

Developing secure cloud services is a challenging activity that requires a secure and stable cloud platform. That’s why our apps are built upon Microsoft’s Azure cloud platform. We chose Azure because of the extensive security measures that Microsoft has taken and the standard components that they provide.

Priva application security

By leaving the data center and (physical) infrastructure security to the experts at Microsoft, Priva can focus on developing secure, high-value cloud services built on the Microsoft Azure platform. During the development and operation of cloud services, we adhere to secure design principles and best practices (e.g. least privilege and defense in depth). Our cloud and security architects work closely together with the development teams to ensure all cloud services are secure by design.

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Peter Könemann

Manager Sales Horticulture Europe

Peter Könemann