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Connect every aspect of your growing process

For over 60 years we have been developing knowledge about growing crops and controlling their environments. Now, we are connecting greenhouse data and technologies via our flexible and safe platform based on cloud technology.

We’ve created a cloud-based platform that connects growers to new technologies and online applications, which will make it easier for them to grow a profitable crop.
Meiny Prins

CEO Priva

Meiny Prins

Global trends ask for a different approach

The growing demand for fresh produce offers opportunities to expand your business, but it is becoming more and more difficult to find qualified manpower and professionals. You need years of experience to be able to grow a profitable crop. We are also confronted with the impacts of climate change. Natural resources such as water and energy should be used optimally to minimize the environmental footprint.

Connect and work together

We believe we need to connect and work together to make all the latest technologies available for you as a grower. Together we can tackle your current and future challenges.

From automation hardware to cloud technologies

Our roots are in measurement and control technology, which form the foundation for managing crop growth. But when you connect these systems to the cloud, it unlocks new possibilities for further innovation based on big data analysis and artificial intelligence.

New possibilities for further innovation

Based on your own greenhouse data and our elaborate knowledge database, you get clearer insights. This enables you to optimize your results, such as crop quality and quantity and make yield predictions more easily. It will also offer new ways to lower the environmental footprint and improve traceability of your products.

Priva's Open Platform

As a grower, you know that it’s important to have insight in the key processes involved in growing your crops and to be able to influence them accurately and at the right time. That is why we believe in an open platform. More about Priva's Open Platform

Open Platform Priva
Priva Open Platform for horticulture automation
Via this platform, we seamlessly connect every aspect of the growing process; from our robust climate computers, water systems, robotics, control technology to smart online applications. Giving you the ability to control your crop in the most efficient and reliable way possible.

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Peter Könemann

Manager Sales Horticulture Europe

Peter Könemann