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New features in Connext Operator

With the upgraded Operator, you can do even more.

Priva Van Egmond

We are always advancing our applications so you can benefit from the latest in software innovation. Therefore, we are glad to announce that we have expanded the pool of features available within Operator. 

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Insight into your irrigation with the irrigation overview

Set up the dashboard as you wish and instantly see how much water has been given to certain compartments. You can always check whether it is still at the right level and intervene if necessary; quickly and easily!

Adjust a setting for a set period

Sometimes it can be useful to adjust a setting temporarily. For example, perhaps you need to adjust the temperature of your greenhouse for a day or a few hours. In Priva Operator, this can be done in no time. Because it resets automatically after the set period, you do not have to think about setting it back to the original setting yourself.

See more on your data-rich charts

Several improvements have been made to the display and capabilities of Operator charts. Connecting lines have been removed, as they interfere with viewing the information. For the same reason, the tooltip and the informative text with date and time - that appears when you hover over it with the cursor- has been moved down.

Choose between 14 languages

Operator is now available in the language of your choice. Simply set the language under your user preferences. There are 14 different languages available to you.

Allocation tables

The new allocation tables in Operator allow you to make changes more easily from any device. For example, you can more easily link valves to valve groups, or growing light systems to growing light programs. For each group, you can see at a glance which items are allocated to the respective group. In addition, you can see which items are already allocated to another group.

Integrate with Aranet sensors for combined insights

You can now get Aranet Wireless Sensors measurements on Operator! Integration modules allow you to combine data from your process computer with Aranet measurements at a glance. By connecting Aranet Wireless Sensors, you have even more insight and control over current cultivation conditions.

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