Connext & Operator: Dashboard features

Customizable dashboards in Operator

Do so much more with a custom designed dashboard

The clear and user-friendly Priva Operator dashboard is packed with capabilities to make monitoring and managing your greenhouse easier.

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Get clear visibility of insights

With Operator dashboards you can see, at a glance, the status of various processes in your greenhouse and which ones may require action. The dashboards provide a clear insight into all the systems that are connected. Thereby, you are always directly informed of your cultivation process.

Supports quick action

With only a few clicks, you can quickly access a particular setting or measurement and adjust it as you wish. Recently added or modified activities and settings can easily be called up again. This way, you can, for example, quickly solve malfunctions.

A dashboard for every crop or employee

In addition, you can create multiple dashboards, for example specifically for climate, water and energy. But you can also create a separate dashboard for each crop, element or employee. If you want, it is even possible to create a dashboard for a certain compartment . This way, only the information that is most relevant for you or a colleague is visible.

Optimize efficiency with shortcuts

Shortcuts on the dashboard allow for quick navigation to your settings or to more detailed views of data. This allows you to make adjustments quickly. Adding a shortcut is very simple and similar to adding a measurement to the dashboard - something that has been possible in Operator for some time.

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